Muskoka Votes 2018 - Muskoka Lakes

Posted: 2018-09-21 13:15:54 By: mattdriscoll

Mayor (One to be elected)


Donald Furniss is the current mayor of Muskoka Lakes Township and is seeking a second term. Furniss would like to see the completion of the Bala Falls project and continue his work implementing the Township's strategic plan.

Phil Harding has been a Muskoka Lakes councillor for the previous two terms of office and is seeking the mayor’s seat this time around.

He says he would like to improve transparency and communication at the Mayor’s office, curb inappropriate resort development and control capital spending and tax increases.

Terry Ledger is also a current councillor who is seeking to become Mayor and is also a member of the Heritage Advisory Committee and the Foot's Bay and Glen Orchard Community Centre Hall Boards. She has said she will not be speaking with the media and did not attend the all candidates debate.


District and Township Councillor (Ward A/Ward 1) - (One to be elected)


Gord Carlton is running for his first term of office and has over three decades of experience as an operations consultant.

He says the most pressing issues in Muskoka Lake include making the area safer for pedestrians and cyclists, increasing access to health care, drawing more labour into the region and improving representation at the provincial level.


Brian Mayer is seeking his first term of council and has not released a platform publicly.


Ruth-Ellen Nishikawa is the incumbent councillor in Ward A and a member of the Torrance Community Centre Hall Board. She says her top priorities are the environmental protection of the region, attainable housing and to focus on the area’s aging population.


Township Councillor (Ward A/Ward 1) - (two to be elected)


Current councillor Sandy Currie has withdrawn from the election but did so after the deadline for withdrawal had passed. As such, he remains officially on the ballot.


Donelda Hayes is an incumbent seeking re-election in Ward 1. She's focused on the environment (including the reduction of light pollution), as well as the completion and review of the Township’s Official Plan and addressing the infrastructure needs of the Township.

Glenn Zavitz is a retired business owner and vocal opponent of the Bala Falls hydro plant. He is concerned with overdevelopment on the lakes, transparency at the municipal level and sound budgeting practices.


District and Township Councillor (Ward B/Ward 2) - (one to be elected)

Allen Edwards is the incumbent District councillor for Ward B and is now seeking his third term of council. He was heavily involved with the creation of the health hub in Port Carling and would like to continue work on the project, as well as working to control waterfront development and control government spending.


Larrie MacRae has previously run unsuccessfully for both mayoral and council seats. He would like to protect water quality in the region, review operational and spending procedures at both the town and district levels and review policing costs for the municipality.


Township Councillor (Ward B/Ward 2) - (two to be elected)

Linda Barrick-Spearn is the current representative for Ward B and sits on the Milford Bay Community Centre Hall Board. She says the town needs to show increased financial responsibility towards taxpayers.


Jason Harnett is a municipal employee with the Town of Gravenhurst seeking his first term of council. He is primarily interested in protection of lakes and natural resources, sustainable and responsible economic development and growing a trustworthy, accountable municipal government.


Susan Mazan is a long time Muskoka resident seeking her first term of council. She lists her top concerns as sustainable year round employment, solutions for affordable housing and protection of the area’s natural resources.

Gordon Roberts is the founder of the Leonard Lake Stakeholders Association and current chair of the Milford Bay Community Center Board. His top priorities are preservation of Muskoka's special character, protecting water quality and lake health, and supporting responsible fiscal management.


District and Township Councillor (Ward C/Ward 3) - (one to be elected)


Jean-Ann Baranik is the incumbent councillor in Ward C and current deputy mayor. She wants to see more responsible development in the area that encourages year round residency and helps alleviate poverty.


Frank Jaglowitz is a retired charter account who has been active in his opposition to a controversial waterfront development project in Minett. He’s concerned with sustainable development and ensuring Muskoka Lakes residents do not face an unfair percentage of the District tax burden.

Township Councillor (Ward C/Ward 3) - (two to be elected)

Ron Brent has withdrawn from the election but did so after the deadline for withdrawal had passed. As such, he remains officially on the ballot.


Barb Bridgeman is a fourth generation Muskoka resident and a former business owner. Her top priorities are preserving the quality of the lakes, gaining more control over subdivision development and more responsible budgeting.

Peter Kelley is a corporate lawyer and long time Lake Joseph cottage owner who recently moved to the area on a permanent basis. He is concerned with the overdevelopment of lakeside areas and increasing business growth in the area to help create more full time, permanent employment.

Jeff Mole ran as an independent candidate in the most recent provincial election, previously ran as a Green Party candidate and run in previous two municipla elections. A volunteer firefighter and environmental advocate in the area, his top priorities include responsible land and business development through community economics. and helping build an effective, caring and collaborative council thoughtfully and with full community input.