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Parking garage in Huntsville's future?
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Parking garage in Huntsville's future?

Posted: 2024-04-02 15:17:53 By: thebay

At a recent Huntsville council meeting, the idea of a "multi-level car garage" was raised after councilors heard a staff report on parking options in and around the downtown core, especially at River Mill Park.

Since 2016, the town has been exploring solutions for additional parking, including a consultant's study in 2018.

Despite the previous study suggesting sufficient parking within an eight-minute walk of downtown, concerns remain about illegal parking and the number of parking tickets issued in the past couple of years.

Councillor Bob Stone expressed opposition to funding another study and proposed investing in alternative solutions, such as a multi-level parking garage. However, Councilor Helena Renwick supported the idea of a parking study focused on addressing issues like illegal parking, and emphasized the need for tangible solutions like a parking garage.

In the end, council deferred any decision until a new parking strategy has been completed, possibly as part of budget deliberations for 2025.