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Refreshment truck coming to Hutcheson Beach this summer
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Refreshment truck coming to Hutcheson Beach this summer

Posted: 2024-05-29 14:12:40 By: thebay

At Monday’s council meeting, Grace Willows of Windmill Bakery & Bistro made a deputation regarding a request for a Business License for a Refreshment Vehicle at the Port Sydney and Hutcheson Beaches.

Following the presentation, council members expressed reservations about permitting refreshment vehicles on public property. Concerns were raised about the potential negative impact on year-round businesses and issues such as parking shortages and safety at Port Sydney Beach.

Despite these concerns, Council approved a pilot project for this summer, allowing Windmill Bakery to operate a Refreshment Vehicle at Hutcheson Beach.

Additionally, staff have been instructed to develop a policy for refreshment vehicles on public lands, which will be reviewed by Council before summer 2025.