Solar Project Fails To Make The Grade

Posted: 2018-08-23 07:14:37 By: hbr

Plans to heat water at District solar housing units have failed to make the grade, council heard during their latest council meeting.

In 2010, the District received grants to help implement solar thermal heating technologies at their housing units. The new systems were supposed to help preheat the cold water supply to the electrically heated hot water tanks reducing the amount of electricity required for heating the water.

According to Councilor Bob Young, the problem wasn’t so much the heating system as the roof they were located on. The asphalt shingles deteriorated rapidly and had to be replaced.

He said if the project was ever attempted again, they would use a steel roof instead.

“It was a good idea but it didn't work,” said Young.

The original system cost was $76,000 for the units on Brunel Road in Huntsville and $67,500 for the units on Bethune Road in Gravenhurst.