Waste Costs Increase 7% In 2020

Posted: 2019-12-24 07:27:41 By: hbr

The District of Muskoka is staring down a number of potentially costly situations when it comes to waste management in the region.

During the most recent district council meeting, councillors heard updates on a range of issues including the elimination of bin sites, costly remediation of legacy landfills that have been closed down and an impending tax hike on the cost the waste services.

That tax hike has been pegged at roughly 7% for 2020, and has led the district to look at a number of alternatives to the current system, including limiting the number of garbage bags residents can take to the curb or charging for bag tags.

The impending elimination of many of the district's waste bin collection sites has been a hot topic for months,  and councillors heard they can expect to see a study on the issue coming forward in January.

Another report on legacy landfills is expected to come forward in the near future as well.  There are estimated to be nearly 100 such landfills in the district and it will cost millions of dollars to help mitigate the sites.

There was also word from public works that an incident had occurred at the Baysville Clean Water Plant at the end of October which resulted in non-compliance with the District’s Environmental Compliance Approval. Staff said the incident was reported to the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, and the plant returned to working order with an investigation into the incident underway.

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