Woman Creates Virtual Music Events Directory to Assist Musicians

Woman Creates Virtual Music Events Directory to Assist Musicians

Posted: 2020-03-16 14:12:16 By: hbr

Hunter’s Bay Radio works very hard to promote and support our local, Indie and Canadian musicians, and we’re concerned for them as to how they are going to weather the financial impact of COVID-19. That’s why we want musicians to know that a woman by the name of Cherie Hu has created a valuable document to help buffer the blow of having to cancel gigs.

Hu’s document starts with: “My goal is to build a comprehensive, up-to-date resource for anyone seeking guidance on how to stage alternative music events in this moment of significant upheaval for the industry.”

So, if you’re a musician and you’d like assistance on how to live stream a gig, check it out!

But, this document isn’t just for musicians. There’s a calendar of live events that anyone can access to help keep us entertained during our social distancing. If you’re a music lover and want to take in a live gig while you eat dinner and sip vino from your couch, check it out! 

The document also lists other ways we can support musicians financially.

At the time of writing this, the document remains largely non-Canadian but, maybe that will change in the coming days as it is continuously updating. Our main intention of posting it, is to let musicians know this assistance exists and, if you’re craving music during this difficult time, either check this document or the social media platform of your favourite local band to see if they’re embarking on a virtual gig you can tune into.

Here’s the link to the Virtual Music Events Directory: