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Wayback Radio - THE BLACK MUSEUM

Wayback Radio - THE BLACK MUSEUM

Old time radio dramas!

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    The Black Museum was a radio crime-drama program produced by Harry Towers in London. The Black Museum was based on real-life cases from the files of Scotland Yard's Black Museum.

    Orson Welles wasthe host and narrator for the stories of horror and mystery, based on Scotland Yard's collection of murder weapons and various ordinary objects once associated with historical true crime cases.

    The show's opening began:

    This is Orson Welles, speaking from London.
    (Sound of Big Ben chimes)
    The Black Museum... a repository of death. Here in the grim stone structure on the Thames which houses Scotland Yard is a warehouse of homicide, where everyday objects... a woman’s shoe, a tiny white box, a quilted robe... all are touched by murder.

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