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Dave Gray & Courtney Metcalf

Dave Gray and his family live in Burk’s Falls and works as the Community Economic Development Officer for six municipalities in the Almaguin Highlands. Having grown up in Burk’s Falls, Dave has a natural love for the Almaguin-Muskoka area, and truly enjoys celebrating all of the great things that the area has to offer. Dave has been known to frequent the Third Friday Coffee House in Burk’s Falls both as a musician and music lover.

Courtney Metcalf- Economic Development Officer for Central Almaguin (CAEDA)

Courtney has been a member of the Almaguin Highlands community since 2004, when her parents moved north from Erin, Ontario to purchase a campground in Katrine. After graduating from Almaguin Highlands Secondary School, she went on to pursue a post-secondary education at the University of Waterloo. Having had the opportunity to experience the city, she decided to return to Burk’s Falls after receiving her Bachelor of Environmental Studies, where she became employed as a Community Development Officer Intern for Southern Almaguin.

She recently decided to further invest in the community by getting married and purchasing a home just outside of Burk’s Falls. She enjoys searching for local waterfalls, hiking Almaguin trails with her dog, and canoeing the beautiful bodies of water around the area.

Now, as the Economic Development Officer for CAEDA, she continues to co-host the Celebrate Almaguin show on Hunter’s Bay Radio, and continues to promote the amazing opportunities available in the Almaguin Highlands.