Annie Williams Park To Get Some New Upgrades

Posted: 2019-07-25 09:28:08 By: hbr

An outdoor ping pong table, water bottle refilling station and brand new picnic tables are on their way to Annie Williams Park in Bracebridge.

During their last general committee meeting, councillors heard that the park will soon be home to a concrete outdoor ping pong table.

The cost of $5,000 is being picked up entirely by Rotary Club of Bracebridge-Muskoka Lakes and the table is expected to be installed in the fall.

Councillors also heard the park is up for the installation of a water fountain and bottle filling station. That’s expected to cost $6,700 and once again the Rotary Club is picking up the tab. 

The Town is also purchasing and installing two water fountain and water bottle filling stations of their own for the downtown core.