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Huntsville approved new garden at the Rotary Club pavilion
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Huntsville approved new garden at the Rotary Club pavilion

Posted: 2024-02-01 07:39:45 By: thebay

Huntsville General Committee approved the request for a new garden at the Rotary Club pavilion at Avery Beach, in the January 31, 2024, meeting.

In the meeting, Rotary Club representative, Adrian Musters, made the request for the garden on behalf of the Club, as an additional attraction to the existing pavilion area.

Musters indicated that the garden will be maintenance free, and include rocks, vegetation, and exist under the Birch and Spruce trees. 

According to the Club’s report, the proposed garden will also be “deer resistant, water tolerant, and pollinator friendly.”

The Club also made a second request during the meeting, asking for permission to replace eight benches on Fairy Vista Trail, near the treatment plant north of highway 60.

Musters advised the Committee that they have received “amazing positive responses” about the benches they previously installed on Hunter’s Bay Trail.

He said the new benches are already purchased and they have the material needed for installation.

He added, “It would be an improvement for the trails.”

According to Musters, the Club partnered with the Town the last time the benches were installed; however, they have their own insurance and can do it on their own this time, with no costs to the Town.

He confirmed that the benches would also be permanent, installed with concrete on the bottom, and made with pressure treated wood “good for 20 to 30 years.”

Councillor, Monty Clouthier, said, “The area down there needs sprucing up.” And he expressed his appreciation for the initiative.

The Committee approved both requests, for the installation of the new garden and benches which are expected to be completed this year.