Muskoka Lakes Advises Residents To Watch For High Water & Ice

Posted: 2019-04-26 10:43:57 By: hbr

The Township of Muskoka Lakes is advising residents that water levels will continue to rise in the area with large amounts of spring runoff passing through the system and significant rainfall projected in the forecast.

The township has made sand, sandbags and shovels available at the Glen Orchard Yard on Muskoka Road 169, Patterson Yard on Raymond Road, and Bala Sports Park  on a fill your own basis. Property owners in low-lying areas are urged to take precautionary measures to protect persons and property as water levels continue to rise.

Deputy Fire Chief, Harry Baranik says “Water levels are high and still rising.  There are currently no roads in Muskoka Lakes that are impassible although they may be narrow or damaged due to water on the edges.”

Mayor Phil Harding says  the concern is damage to waterfront properties, in many instances, water levels have risen above docks and will enter boathouses.

The Township is asking residents to ensure there are no loose items on your docks that can float away and raise your boathouse doors well above the water level to protect them against water and ice damage.