Muskoka Watershed Report Card Out

Posted: 2018-07-24 07:23:55 By: hbr

The latest Muskoka Watershed Council report was released last week. The report gets put out every four years and does a thorough review of all water sheds in Muskoka.
At last night's council meeting, Councillor Nancy Alcock said "One thing that I think is really intriguing for us on council is the ongoing development on the water which has happened on an cumulative basis. As we go through our plan review we should really consider what they have in the report."
This year's review includes information that has been left out in the past, such as the state of interior forests and wetlands. Councillor Thompson pointed out that each lake seems to have heavy advisories on it but Huntsville’s seem to be lower. He went on to say that otherwise seeing these advisories are very important when making decisions in council.
To read the report and see these water shed updates for yourself go to