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Old campfire ignites forest blaze

Old campfire ignites forest blaze

Posted: 2023-05-16 14:04:35 By: thebay

On Monday, May 15, at around 1:00 p.m., Kearney Fire and Emergency Services received a call regarding a sizable brush fire.

It was readily determined upon arrival that there were about five acres of burning woodland. Fire departments from Perry, Sprucedale Magnetawan, and Burks Falls also responded after automatic aid was activated.

Despite the strong winds, the fire was under control after two hours and was kept from crossing the road by the fire fighters. A neighbour informed firefighters that there was another fire, while workers were still working on the first fire.

After further inspection, it was discovered that the fire had "jumped" 400 meters. A second area of about two acres was on fire. This fire was put out quickly by the deployment of forestry pumps and lines and the rerouting of crews.

Chief Schaefer attributed the incident on a campfire that had not been completely put out two days prior, saying “We can charge $525 per hour for each truck on the scene, therefore charges will be imminent. There were eleven trucks on the scene at the time of the fire's peak. An expensive mistake due to negligence,” he says