Bracebridge Post Office On The Move

Bracebridge Post Office On The Move

Posted: 2020-01-31 07:25:13 By: hbr

Canada Post plans to close their downtown Bracebridge location within weeks.

Canada Post has been in operation at 98 Manitoba Street for many years but the Town of Bracebridge was given notice that Canada Post would be ceasing operations at that location and would be relocating the retail component of their business to 193 Manitoba Street in early 2020. 

The mail sorting and distribution operations for the Bracebridge Canada Post facility will be moved out of the downtown area and relocated to 685 Ecclestone Drive. It’s felt that the industrial location is better suited for the work and has more private parking for the numerous sorters and mail carriers that will be working at the facility.

The new retail outlet will be at the corner of Ann and Manitoba Street, a short distance north of the existing location.

During the most recent Bracebridge general committee meeting counsellors made by-law changes that will limit the amount of time people are allowed to park in front of the facility to 10 minutes.  They also rolled back similar bylaws for the parking spaces in front of the old location and replaced them with three hour limits.