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Enbridge Gas says LOB's support of OEB could lead to increased costs
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Enbridge Gas says LOB's support of OEB could lead to increased costs

Posted: 2024-03-18 14:58:45 By: thebay

Enbridge Gas says that a the decision by the Township of Lake of Bays to support a motion supporting the Ontario Energy Board may actually lead to increased costs for current natural gas customers, rather than savings. The utility says that with over 3.8 million households in Ontario relying on natural gas for heating, any decrease in usage could result in higher costs for those who still depend on it.

The utility says the OEB’s decision could also have significant economic ramifications for the Muskoka region saying it may raise the cost of building homes in rural areas, potentially discouraging housing development, investment, and economic growth.

Enbridge Gas asserts they are actively working to decrease their operational emissions, and recognize the importance of natural gas in the energy transition.

The Ontario government has affirmed that natural gas will remain a crucial component of the province's energy mix during this transition period.


See the original story here: https://muskokaradio.com/news/article/lake-of-bays-supports-the-ontario-energy-board-decision-that-will-lower-energy-bills