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Increased popularity threatens Torrance Barrens

Increased popularity threatens Torrance Barrens

Posted: 2022-04-27 07:55:30 By: thebay

"The Torrance Barrens is being loved to death," Mike Nageleisen told Councilors recently. "We want to preserve this community gem."

The Torrance Barrens is a popular spot for day-use and overnight camping but it seems the increased foot-traffic has created issues of fire risk, garbage, and noise, taking away from the natural environment.

A large piece of the Preservation and Improvement Plan focuses on camping. The proposal includes ideas like reserved, designated backcountry camp sites, a 'pack it in, pack it out' plan and thunder-box facilities.

Designated parking space for registered campers would also eliminate damage from larger vehicles driving through the property.

The ultimate goal, Nageleisen says, is to "encourage people that are going there with the true spirit of enjoying nature and leaving no footprint as opposed to what is currently happening."

Council was in favour of exploring preservation solutions.