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Lake of Bays is moving ahead with tendering for installation of Electric Vehicle charging stations
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Lake of Bays is moving ahead with tendering for installation of Electric Vehicle charging stations

Posted: 2024-02-20 13:47:07 By: thebay

Editor's Note: We incorrectly identified the Fire Chief in a previous version of this story.  It has since been corrected.  We apologise for the error.

Lake of Bays Council agreed to proceed with tendering for installation of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations, in the February 13, 2024, meeting.

Economic Development Officer, Stephen Derraugh, advised Council that the demand for EV technology is increasing across the province and region. However, the Township lacks the charging stations to support the need for the residents and seasonal population.

He explained that there are two levels of chargers that are needed.

The Level 2 charger is ideal for a longer charging, for instance while people are working.

Level 3 charger provides a faster charge, suitable to use while people are stopping for shorter periods, such as while shopping, dining, or walking on trails.

A mixture of both is required for the Township to meet the different needs of users within the region, and this adds to the attractiveness of the destination for people outside of the region.

Derraugh said, “The Township has an opportunity to establish itself as a leader in this societal transformation through the provision of EV charging infrastructure.”

Staff will require EV charging providers to submit a proposal that meets specific criteria, including in-depth information about their technology, proven experience in the industry, and the ability to meet the timeframes for funding opportunities.

According to Derraugh, the stations are also fitting with the Township’s climate change mitigation efforts. He said, “EVs result in zero tailpipe greenhouse emissions.”

He advised that there will be no financial implications to the Township with this initiative. He recommended, “A successful proponent for the EV charger installation project bear the entire responsibility for installing, operating, maintaining, and eventually removing the EV charger at the end of the lifecycle.”

He adds, “This ensures the Township does not incur any financial burdens related to those installations, while the Township provides the land.”

Councillor, Mike Peppard inquired about whether the stations will be competitive, rather than having users go to more ideal stations elsewhere.

Derraugh assured Council that the stations will be competitive and compatible.

Councillor, Nancy Tapley, inquired about the number of charging stations the Township will have.

Derraugh advised, “It will be a part of the Request for Proposal (RFP) and they will be identifying that at the time the vendor initiates a strategy for putting the chargers in.”

Terry Glover, inquired to Fire Chief, Gary Monahan, about the safety of the chargers.

Monahan said, “I believe they are safe. I know there are concerns with some of the EVs and there’s attention... There was a concern with them at one point.”

Glover suggested the Chief be a part of discussions moving forward with the approval of the stations.

Staff will proceed with tendering for provider proposals and develop a comprehensive plan for charging infrastructure and installation.