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Lake of Bays passes 9.06% tax hike for 2024
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Lake of Bays passes 9.06% tax hike for 2024

Posted: 2024-02-16 07:16:44 By: thebay

On Tuesday, Lake of Bays Twp approved its 2024 Operating and Capital Budget, featuring a 9.06% tax rate increase over 2023. Despite this increase, the Township says Lake of Bays has the 2nd lowest residential tax rate in Muskoka.  The estimated tax hike for a typical $300,000 residential property amounts to just $52.77 per year or $4.40 per month for monthly property tax payers.

The 2024 budget addresses various economic and environmental concerns such as housing, climate change, community improvement, and economic development, through standalone projects and collaborations with the District Municipality of Muskoka.

Some of the more noteworthy initiatives that the Township will undertake in 2024 include:


  • Commit $400,000 toward the future expansion and renovation of the Lake of Bays Public Library (Dwight Branch).
  • In conjunction with a donation from the estate of local seasonal residents, install a splash pad, new children's playground equipment, and pickleball courts at the Lake of Bays Arena and Community Centre in Baysville.
  • Dedicate $30,000 to be used towards Climate Change Initiatives.
  • Install new computer software to allow for credit card processing of all payments to the Township.
  • Undertake large-scale culvert replacements on Pine Ridge Road and North Ril Lake Road.
  • Replace a 2014 Tandem Snow Plow.
  • Complete Phase 2 of the Ice Plant Conversion Program at the Lake of Bays Arena and Community Centre.
  • Hire a second By-law Enforcement Officer.
  • Update the Township's Official Plan.
  • Install coin-operated drinking water dispensaries at the Township Fire Stations.
  • Complete a Roads Needs Study (every 5 years).
  • Increase the Township's support to Dorset Health Hub to approximately $32,000 per year.
  • Undertake Gravel Resurfacing on Austin Lane, Hammond Road, Lake of Bays Lane, Mary Roberts Road, McArthur Point Road, North Tooke Lake Road, and Osbourne Point Road.
  • Undertake High Float Resurfacing on Point Ideal Road.
  • Undertake Slurry Seal Resurfacing on Millar Hill Road, Tally-Ho Winter Park Road, and a portion of Hillside Crescent.
  • Complete Micro Seal Resurfacing on Dwight Bay Road and portions of Dwight Beach Road and Charlie Thompson Road.
  • Purchase a new fire rescue pumper truck for the Baysville Fire Station.
  • Purchase fire suppression equipment to be placed on Bigwin Island.
  • Install a new Columbarium at the Paint Lake Pioneer Cemetery.
  • Complete the renovation of the 'upstairs' community centre area of the Lake of Bays Arena and Community Centre in Baysville (re OPERATION FACELIFT).
  • Create grant program(s) to promote business development, expansion, and job creation in the Township of Lake of Bays (re the Community Improvement Plan).
  • Undertake a Development Charges Study.
  • Replace the 2010 Fire Extrication Tools in the Baysville Fire Station.
  • Replace the cover on the Salt Dome at the Lake of Bays Public Works Yard in Dwight.


For more information and to view the full Approved 2024 Municipal Budget, visit lakeofbays.on.ca/budget.