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Lake of Bays to proceed with survey for potential development on Dickie Street
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Lake of Bays to proceed with survey for potential development on Dickie Street

Posted: 2024-02-15 14:41:44 By: thebay

Lake of Bays Council agreed to proceed with a survey for development on Dickie Street, in Baysville, in the February 13, 2023, meeting.

The lot is located off Muskoka Road 117 and Spruce Street, at the southern portion within the core areas of the community and is approximately 17,424 square feet.

Director of Planning, April Best-Sararas advised Council that the goal of the potential development is to add to affordable housing amenities in the Township.

According to the staff report, a review of the lot will help determine the potential for one or two lots and water and sewer servicing by the District of Muskoka.

The lot potential for development of this location includes for detached dwelling, duplex, or semi-detached dwellings, which will be confirmed in the survey, indicates the report.

The report adds, “In the Housing Initiatives Update and Next Steps staff report, dated August 29, 2023, there are a number of initiatives current or soon to be underway related to housing and land use planning.”

Some of the current initiatives include the Township’s Community Improvement Plan, Growth Strategy, and Economic Development Strategy.

Sararas advised that costs will be significant due to the survey work, however, they can be offset.

In her report, she indicates, “If a portion of road will be disposed of on the open market, this would help offset survey costs.”

She continues, “Depending on the outcome of investigation of potential development of some or all this portion of Dickie Street (i.e. through potential funding opportunities, partnerships, Request for Proposal (RFP), etc.) the financial implications could be substantial. Staff will evaluate and identify any costs and return to Council with an update and recommended course of action once staff have more information regarding costs.”

Councillor, Robert Lacroix, inquired about whether the lots have been zoned residential.

Sararas advised that they are not currently zoned residential, however, they can make a decision once the survey is completed.

Mayor, Terry Glover, supported the initiative and said, “The District has a huge push on affordable housing going forward.”

He inquired to Councillor Jacqueline Godard about whether this was the type of project the Township could use District funds for to assist them.

Godard advised, “I would say this is a good opportunity for us to use some money, absolutely. If we could put two units of two, that’s four, with two accesses on both roads. I think with our infrastructure we already have a really good chance.”

Staff will proceed with a draft summary to the Ontario Land Survey and investigate additional details and report back to Council in a future meeting.