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Lieutenant Governor visits Muskoka Lakes
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Lieutenant Governor visits Muskoka Lakes

Posted: 2023-09-13 07:47:47 By: thebay

Yesterday, Elizabeth Dowdeswell Lieutenant Governor of Ontario joined Muskoka Lakes Mayor Peter Kelley, Deputy Mayor Mazan, District Chair Jeff Lehman, MPP Graydon Smith, and members of Council to celebrate those who make Muskoka Lakes a great place to live or visit.

Mayor Peter Kelley said “It was a privilege to have Her Honour here in Muskoka Lakes to help recognize those who make this community so wonderful.”

District Chair Jeff Lehman says "Our incredible quality of life in Canada is made possible by tens of thousands of municipal staff who work 24/7 to deliver services. Our first responders are there in our hardest moments, our public works staff give us drinking water, roads, parks, and public buildings, our social service and health care workers keep us well, and help those who need a hand,” he said.

While in Muskoka Lakes, in addition to attending the community recognition event, Dowdswell met with Mayor Kelley to discuss volunteer retention and recruitment and the importance of recognizing those who contribute to the community.