Muskoka Tourism Faces Uncertain Future

Posted: 2019-02-26 07:19:29 By: hbr

The future of the Muskoka Tourism welcome centre on Highway 11 remains murky.

During the most recent Muskoka District council meeting, councillors received a report on Muskoka Tourism’s annual activities.

Leah Leslie, Muskoka Tourism's executive director, said the organization surpassed their targets for digital marketing - logging some 16 million digital impressions.

They also met their targets for sales leads and website user sessions but missed the mark when it came to membership.

The future of the Muskoka Tourism office on Highway 11 south has been a topic of discussion for years and Leslie said foot traffic at that location is becoming less and less of a factor. She said Muskoka Tourism gets a much better return on investment through digital marketing.

Leslie said the building is at a critical point, and its future is uncertain. Although she said she isn't sure what will happen, she anticipates some type of decision being made on the future of the facility in the next couple of years.

Councilor Allen Edwards said it wasn’t just as simple as declining numbers. He said Muskoka Tourism needs to take into account the fact that these guests are physically in Muskoka and likely to spend more money.

The District pays roughly half of the Muskoka Tourism budget.