Muskoka Votes 2018 - Burk’s Falls

Posted: 2018-10-15 13:04:58 By: mattdriscoll

As municipal elections approach, Hunters Bay Radio is examining some of the key races shaping up in the Muskoka and South Almaguin region.

Today we take a look at the candidates running in the Burk’s Falls election, which will be held via the traditional method of a ballot cast at one polling station on Oct. 22.

The Village of Burk’s Falls offers candidates the chance to submit their platform for public dissemination. These are the results submitted by those candidates.



Cathy Still

I have been honored and privileged to serve the ratepayers of the Village of Burk's Falls the past 18 years.  Much more is to be done. I would like to be part of it. Please re-elect me.




Denis Sabourin (Papa)

I am not a politician but believe that I have much to offer with my past experiences in municipal engineering, contract administration and business experience.  I have been well received in this Village and would like to be a part in seeing it grow as it should. I have also sat on a variety of committees for the downtown improvements and would like to continue this.


Ryan Baptiste

I will protect the past, present and future of Burk's Falls.   I will explore opportunities that both protect and enhance your vision for our town. It starts with your vote, let's make positive changes together.


Rex Smith

I am a proud Burk's Falls resident with the passion to continue to improve our community and build upon the work of our past and future Council.  Your continued support would be greatly appreciated.


Lisa Morrison

I am proud of what has been accomplished in the past 8 years and looking forward to future growth and prosperity for our Village.


Lewis Hodgson

This Council has made great advancements in the 14 years I have been on Council. There are many challenges to be had in the coming term and I would  like to bring my experiences forward to help our Village face them.


Jarvis Osborne

20 + years with the Village.  Accomplishments over last 4 as a Councillor include a new water tower, Armstrong Bridge refurbished, Ontario St rehab in 2018 (working on a Community Improvement Plan and Waterfront Development) I will appreciate your vote.