Muskoka Votes 2018 - Huntsville

Posted: 2018-10-12 10:35:38 By: mattdriscoll

Mayor (One to be elected)


Scott Aitchison


Scott Aitchison is the incumbent candidate for mayor, having won his first term of office during the last election. Prior to that, the real estate agent served several terms as a councillor.

Aitchison says his main goals if elected for another term are fiscally prudent infrastructure improvement; downtown revitalization; and improved communication between the municipality and constituents. He also plans to work towards ensuring full health care facilities are available in town and the implementation of a transient accomodation tax.


Peggy Peterson


Peggy Peterson is a permaculture educator and self described water protector who has lived in Huntsville since 1967. She was formally the district manager of Muskoka for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and is seeking her first term on town council.

Her three main areas of concern are ecology, economy and community. She says the town is in trouble and she is ready to challenge the status quo while seeking changes to existing land use planning policy, creating a year-round economy to tackle poverty and increasing protection of healthcare services.

District Council (Three to be elected)


Nancy Alcock

Nancy Alcock is an incumbent candidate for District council and is currently the chair of the Town of Huntsville Planning Committee, vice-chair of Committee of Adjustment, and member of the District of Muskoka Planning and Economic Development Committee.

Her top priorities are maintaining a strong voice in the ongoing hospital capital planning discussions; planning for and building more attainable housing in the municipality; and completing and implementing a new Official Plan.


Lillian Fraser


Lillian Fraser  recently retired from the community services department at the District of Muskoka and was previously an employee of the Town of Huntsville in the public works department and treasury.  
Her top priorities are weighing the environment versus the economy; reducing the cost of government; and increased affordable housing. She is also opposed to the development of Langmaids Island and feels a lot reduction at the site is needed.


Helena Renwick

Helena Renwick has lived in Huntsville with her family for over 23 years and says she is running for District council because she believes a bolder vision is needed.

She sees the three main areas of importance as the hospital, affordable housing and economic development. She says the most important of those is the hospital and she will fight to keep the hospital in Huntsville no matter what it takes.

Bob Stone


Bob Stone owned and operated Christmas Tyme on Main Street for 20 years before selling the business in 2016 and is an incumbent town councilor running as a candidate for District council.
His top priorities are ensuring the Huntsville Hospital redevelopment is everything that was promised and fighting for proper funding; working with developers to expand the amount of housing in all price ranges in Huntsville; taking back all Huntsville roads and planning authority from the District and reducing the size of District Council.


Brian Thompson


Brian Thompson is a long time councillor who is currently seeking his sixth term in office.

His top priorities are improving local infrastructure and ensuring the continued existence of an acute care hospital in Huntsville.


Tim Withey


Tim Withey is a local business owner and former councillor who lost his bid for the mayor’s office during the last election. He volunteers with a number of organizations, many of which are in the healthcare sector.

His top priorities include the retention of a hospital site in Huntsville, the development of Fairvern Nursing Home and obtaining more control over town related issues from the District.

Huntsville Ward 1 (Acclaimed)


Karin Terziano


Karin Terziano is the incumbent candidate for Ward 1 and has been acclaimed.

Chaffey Ward 2 (Acclaimed)


Jonathan Wiebe

Jonathan Wiebe is the incumbent candidate for Ward 2 and has been acclaimed.

Stisted, Stephenson and Port Sydney Wards 3, 4 and 5 (Two to be elected)

Jason FitzGerald


Jason FitzGerald is an incumbent councillor who was appointed to council in 2015 to fill a vacant seat.

His top properties are more work on infrastructure projects; continuing to fight for the Huntsville Hospital and Fairvern Nursing Home; and supporting the community halls in Utterson, Aspdin and Port Sydney.


Larry Horton

Larry Horton has spent his career in business, is an avid snowmobiler and is the past president of the Hill and Gully Riders.

His top concerns are improving local infrastructure, encouraging sensible development and examining the current bylaw system.


Wanda Lumley

Wanda Lumley was born and raised in Huntsville and is an avid volunteer with various organizations.

Her top priorities include ensuring proper funding for the hospital, improved infrastructure and improved accessibility and transportation, especially for seniors.


Dione Schumacher

Dione Schumacher was born and raised in Huntsville and has spent over 25 years in her field of expertise, currently working as a Supervisor with Community Living Huntsville. She’s also involved in district and Provincial Committees, Volunteer Utterson Community Club and as a Special Olympics Coach.
Her top priorities include ensuring two acute hospital sites and a funding model change; putting more capital spending into roads and infrastructure; and long term planning that balances development with environmental impacts.


Charles Wilson

Charles Wilson was born and raised in Port Sydney has been involved in a number of community organizations including the Chamber of Commerce, Christ Church, and the Diocese of Algoma. He’s worked in the education sector in student  leadership development and currently owns a consulting business in the education sector.

His top priorities include long term planning preparing for the upcoming demographic change in Muskoka; creating venues for community consultation on important issues; and ensuring appropriate policies to ensure an equitable share in the wealth and beauty of Muskoka.

Brunel Ward 6 (One to be elected)


Dan Armour

Dan Armour has been a paramedic with Muskoka Paramedic Services for 31 years and is the current councillor of Brunel Ward.

His top priorities if elected are ensuring the long term viability of the hospital; affordable housing; and improved infrastructure, specifically roads, bridges, culverts and trails.


Ken Inglis

Ken Inglis was born and raised in Brunel and is the founder and owner of a spring water facility in Brunel.

His top priorities include the hospital; improved roads and infrastructure management to eliminate repetitive repairs and bandages; and to see the newly constructed paved shoulders on Brunel Road marked and adjusted in width to accommodate bike lanes.