Northlander Back On Track To Return To Service?

Northlander Back On Track To Return To Service?

Posted: 2021-03-25 11:24:22 By: thebay

The Northeastern Ontario Rail Network (NEORN) announced today that the Ontario government committed to funding the next step to moving forward on the return of the Northlander train service between Toronto and Timmins/Cochrane.

In the budget the province said “Ontario is committed to reviewing initiatives to meet transportation needs in the North to optimize bus services and to develop options for passenger rail services across Northern Ontario.”

The organization (NEORN) says their expectation is the next steps will be to confirm costs and service plans as well as to work with CN on a track audit of the CN line south of North Bay to Toronto and ensure the performance expectations will be met.

Lucille Frith & Howie Wilcox, behind the drive in getting the Northlander back on the track during the last 8+ years, will continue to follow the MTO closely to ensure the province moves forward at a good pace.