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Rainbow crosswalk approved for Huntsville

Rainbow crosswalk approved for Huntsville

Posted: 2023-05-26 07:14:04 By: thebay

Huntsville Council approved the installation of a rainbow-coloured crosswalk on Main Street, in the May 23, 2023, meeting.

The crosswalk is a gesture in line with the Town’s commitment to “maintaining a safe, caring, inclusive, equitable and welcoming environment for citizens,” according to the agenda.

Councillor, Helena Renwick, said that she was recently at the Main Street crossing, near Town Hall, and noticed the surface was removed from winter conditions and saw it as an opportunity to fix it with the intention of inclusivity, “for a lot of people in our community to be recognized and acknowledged.” She added that she would like to see the transgender symbol included in the rainbow.

Councillor, Scott Morrision, indicated that the cost may be pricey, however, that there are grants the Town could look into. He added “The LGBTQ community flocks to these communities because they feel welcomed,” and that it has an impact on the mental health of kids too.

Mayor, Nancy Alcock, said, “I fully feel we will find a way without having to touch the levy.”

Deputy Mayor, Dan Armour, indicated that asking the District for permission will delay it and suggested putting a statement in this current request to allow them to apply upgrades automatically each year as needed. 

Council agreed to requesting District approval for annual maintenance of the crosswalk, so they don’t have to ask for permission each year.

Morrison added that this new rainbow crosswalk might also draw more attention to people that it’s there, as it was hard to see before.

Alcock inquired whether they would have to wait for the regular road line painting to be completed before painting the crosswalk.

Director of Operations and Protective Services, Tarmo Uukkivi, advised that the sand on the road from the winter will have to be cleaned up first, which will be done by the end of May, to allow for the line painting to begin in June.