Scare Partners Ready For Halloween

Scare Partners Ready For Halloween

Posted: 2020-10-26 15:21:14 By: thebay

Witches, ghosts, skeletons and the scariest creature of all, clowns, are sure to make an appearance at the eight annual Haunters Bay Drive event on Halloween.

Taking place at 280 and 288 Hunters Bay Drive in Huntsville, the event takes the evening of trick or treating to a fantastic level.

More than simply dressing up their homes, the Spencers and the MacKinnons are neighbours who take great pride in providing an interactive evening of fabulous frights for their visitors.

Motorized displays which move and scare, family members dressed in scary outfits, a candy shoot complete with a skeleton head to dole out treats, and much more.

“We started it eight years ago,” says Steve Spencer. “Then Jen (MacKinnon) and her family moved next door four years ago. The first thing she asked us was ‘do they do Halloween around here?’ My face lit up and we knew we’d get along right away.”

Jen soon learned about the extensive efforts the Spencers go through to do justice to Halloween and her family jumped on board. The MacKinnons were right on board to do their part; this year they have The Fear Shack (a scary place to stroll through if there ever was one) on their property.

“It’s an exciting time of year,” she says. “It’s 100 per cent as exciting for us and the people helping to set it up as it is for those who come and visit us.”

Both the Haunters Bay Drive display and treat giving area, and The Fear Shack next door (which won’t have treats, just a fearful walkthrough), will be following COVID protocols of social distancing and mask wearing. Only one family at a time will be allowed to visit The Fear Shack for safety reasons.

The Fear Shack is wheelchair and stroller accessible to make sure everyone can get in on the fun.  The Fear Shack is also having an early preview at 7 p.m. on Friday, October 30th.

If you want to visit the Haunters Bay Drive set up prior to October 31st at the Spencers’ house, they will have it lit up nightly beginning around 6 p.m. With Halloween being so busy, it’s your best opportunity to have time to actually appreciate each display and get some photos as well.

This community event put on by the two households has been given the thumbs up from both the Town of Huntsville and the Huntsville OPP.

But it’s still the family themselves footing the bill and putting in many manhours to make the Halloween event so special for all who visit.

“We start planning things almost a year in advance,” says Jen.

Adds Spencer: “We have little meetings and discussions about what we’re going to do and then start organizing what we’ll need.”

The Haunters Bay Drive event will be accepting donations for The Bay Food Crew, for future incarnations of the event itself, as well as any Halloween treats people would like to contribute for this year’s giveaways.

If you’d like to get into the trick or treating spirit but aren’t up for handing out candy yourself, just drop some off this week to the Spencers or MacKinnons and they’ll make sure to give out a little extra to each ghoul, goblin or other creature stopping by on October 31st.

“Every little contribution helps,” says Jen. “Either give a food donation to be given to families who need help, or pitch in to make the event amazing this year and for the future.”

For more information including times of the event check out the Haunters Bay Drive Facebook page:


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