Student Article: My Art Crawl Experience

Posted: 2021-06-30 10:27:21 By: thebay

They say art can be found in many places, and that is especially true of the Huntsville Art Crawl.

I recently decided to indulge in the unique experience, taking along my trusty camera and an open mind. Downloading a map from, I started the self-guided tour and it was amazing.

The artist and business collaborative event is an exhibition that takes place across Downtown Huntsville, where you’ll find one-of-a-kind stores, restaurants, and hidden gems.

One of my favourite parts of the tour was seeingthe Owl mural on the back of Canvas Brewing Company, bringing what would’ve been an unused blank wall into a beautiful piece of art to the downtown area.

Another great piece to be on the lookout for is Chantelle Poisson’s Warmth of Hudson, which is part of the Muskoka Unlimited group show in the Huntsville Festival of the Arts Studio. This painting will continuously take your breath away and make you question how a piece so simple could make you feel such complicated emotions.

The Huntsville Art crawl has taken the traditional idea of an art gallery and spread it through the downtown businesses; where pieces hang above dining tables, on the back of buildings, on the sides of canoes, or inside old rubber boots. In fact, any surface or piece of material is seen as a blank and empty canvas to these local artists.

It is the art gallery you can go back to every day and see the art in a new way or a completely new place altogether. The Huntsville Art Crawl is a way to bring artists of all ages and styles together, allowing art enthusiasts to see art in many ways.

The bonus is you can view it at your own pace; do it one day, two days or even over a week.

The Art Crawl is an initiative led by the Huntsville Festival of the Arts with support from the Huntsville Municipal Accommodation Tax Association, the Huntsville Downtown BIA, and community partners the Huntsville Art Society & Muskoka Unlimited.

It’s an eye-opening event that sheds light on numerous artists and business in the community; so, if you haven’t yet taken the tour, make sure you do soon as it’s ending on July 12th.


Article and Photography By Danielle McPherson, for

Danielle is an aspiring professional photographer – and media member – with a passion to be behind the lens. Already with a strong portfolio, Danielle is doing her Huntsville High School media co-op with Chris Occhiuzzi of Dockside Publishing, Muskoka Unlimited and Hunters Bay Radio.