Bracebridge Finalizes Plans For New Arena/Library Complex

Posted: 2019-12-19 14:17:06 By: hbr

Bracebridge Town councillors now have a design nailed down when it comes to the  new multi-use community center.

A group of consultants, planners and Town staff attended the most recent general committee meeting to present the Multi-Use Community Centre Master Site Design Concept. Although a number of options were presented Council ultimately decided on one which is set to cost roughly $53 million.

The new community centre will house a library, fieldhouse,  community hall, outdoor accessible playground and a single pad arena with a potential to build a second pad in the future.

The fieldhouse portion of the project, which had originally been the size of three gyms, has now been scaled back to just two gyms. However a running track has now been added to the upper level of the fieldhouse. 

There will be a 1,000 seat arena, with one section containing 200 seats and another containing 800 seats, both of which will come down to grade. The end goal is to have the arena open for the 2022 ice season so they can avoid putting any more money into the existing arena.

The size of the library has also been increased to accommodate for a growing collection in the future. 

There is also community hall included in the plans with a 250 seat banquet room. 

A public meeting is set for Jan. 23 to display the results and take feedback on possible tweaks to the plan.

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