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Councilors agree to add Stop Sign at Allensville Rd intersection

Councilors agree to add Stop Sign at Allensville Rd intersection

Posted: 2023-05-25 07:34:40 By: thebay

Huntsville General Committee agreed to address the issues regarding the Allensville Road and Old Muskoka Road intersection, in the May 24, 2023, meeting.

Utterson resident, Catherine Cooper, expressed concerns about the intersection in the meeting. She said, “It’s a very dangerous intersection in that it’s a T intersection with a curve.” She added that coming south you can’t see other cars ahead in that vicinity, and “you have no idea there’s an intersection coming and there’s no sign that shows an intersection.”

Cooper added that driving 50-60kms isn’t a problem. She said, “It’s not fast until someone pulls up in front of you… Trailers and bigger vehicles have no chance.”

“The talk in the community is about who had the close call there. My seatbelt has locked many times,” added Cooper.

Cooper suggested the Town put three way stop signs to solve the problem and to prevent accidents from happening.

Considering the agreement between Committee members, Mayor, Nancy Alcock, said, “It sounds like we have a lot of support to do something.”

Councillor, Dione Schumacher, concurred that visibility is an issue, and “speed is a huge issue because there are more houses now.”

Councillor, Monty Clouthier said, “It’s a blind hill heading south… Spots were blind driving up to it. There should be three larger stop signs at all three locations.”

Schumacher agreed, indicating the stop signs “will capture what I feel the issues are when you’re there, which is safety.”

Director of Operations and Protection, Tarmo Uukkivi, said, “It makes sense to go ahead with stop signs.” He also suggested, “We can add a warning sign of the upcoming intersection to warn drivers.” His other options included clearing the brush back, using rumble strips, post awareness of the new signage to the public, and work with the OPP once the new sign is in to make sure enforcement is used to ensure drivers are abiding with it.

Schumacher added, “When they’re clocked at 160, it’s a speed we’re not wanting to see happen in that area again.”

The Committee agreed to place a stop sign at the intersection facing traffic Southbound on Old Muskoka Road, and the Operations and Protective Services department will continue to investigate improvements to increase the sightlines and warning options for drivers.