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District of Muskoka blue box transition continues

District of Muskoka blue box transition continues

Posted: 2023-01-17 08:11:29 By: thebay

The District of Muskoka approved the staff recommendation to terminate the current relationship with the recycling service provider Circulation Materials (CM), in the January 16, 2023, Council meeting.

Staff sought the authority to change the existing contracts with the provider to be In line with the new provincial Made-in-Ontario-Environmental Plan. The District is transitioning the Blue Box responsibility to producers, according to the plan.

Last fall the province implemented a regulation that supports making producers of packaging financially responsible and accountable for managing the waste they are producing, alleviating costs from taxpayers across Ontario.

Steele indicated, “Muskoka has a unique solid waste system with a spread of facilities,” and emphasized the Rosewarne diversion building as a lease option for recycled materials to be brought first and transferred elsewhere from there.

“Producers will continue to provide services at curb side or transfer stations,” added Steele. He said the producer may make some changes to the system, however, it will likely be improvements to the current services.

Council concurred that ongoing and clear communication to the community is essential as the changes progress and regarding what’s expected.

Steele added, “The District of Muskoka will continue to work closely with GFL [the District’s Waste Collection Services provider] and ensure that people know how to dispose of recycling of Blue Box material and continue to educate them about it. It will be similar to what it is now for residents.”

Staff will continue to execute agreements on behalf of the District should CM request to lease the Rosewarne Diversion Building moving forward.