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Focus on Natural World in New Book by Muskoka Artist-Writer
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Focus on Natural World in New Book by Muskoka Artist-Writer

Posted: 2024-05-23 11:22:52 By: thebay


A new nature-focused book by Muskoka artist and writer, Wendie Donabie, debuts at the MAC on Main Art Gallery in Bracebridge on June 2 with a special bonus for the first eighteen purchasers.

When her book launch was announced, Donabie’s friend, Anne McTaggart reached out with an offer. It all started with a historic event on December 7, 1972. While on route to the moon, the crew of Apollo 17 took the first fully illuminated photograph of the earth referred to as the Blue Marble. That image inspired McTaggart to contact NASA in the early ‘80s and ask about acquiring the photo to share in classrooms across Canada. Without hesitation they forwarded the transparency she would need to eventually print and distribute close to 80,000, 24 x 18-inch posters.


McTaggart has offered Donabie eighteen posters from the last printing to give out at the book launch on June 2. She felt the two went hand in hand. It is no coincidence that the painting gracing the cover of Views from the Edge of the Earth was inspired by the Blue Marble photo.

The posters will be provided only to the first eighteen purchasers (one per person) at the book launch. More are available, while supplies last, to anyone interested— with a stipulation. The receiver is to donate to an Earth friendly organization, one that resonates with them and is doing what it can to protect our environment and build a sustainable world.

Views from the Edge of the Earth presents the beauty of the natural world through poetic musings and images of Donabie's artwork and photographs. The collection includes seventy-eight poems written in a mix of free verse, narrative, and rhyming styles interspersed with seventy-six black and white images of her original paintings and photos to complement the text. With habitat losses, and species gone or fading fast, the book reminds us of what is in jeopardy.

The June 2 event commences with a book signing and runs from 4:00 to 6:00  p.m., at the MAC ON MAIN Art Gallery, 63 Manitoba Street, Bracebridge. Refreshments will be served throughout the event with a short presentation on the creation of the work at 4:30 p.m. Both print and e-book formats of Views from the Edge of the Earth will be released the same day on AMAZON.