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From Muskoka Unlimited: Third annual Huntsville Art Crawl showcases vibrant creativity and local businesses
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From Muskoka Unlimited: Third annual Huntsville Art Crawl showcases vibrant creativity and local businesses

Posted: 2023-05-29 07:59:25 By: thebay

From Muskoka Unlimited: 

Around three years ago Dan Watson reached out to active community members associated with local arts and businesses, starting the process for the first annual Huntsville Art Crawl.

The idea was beautifully simple: help promote the local businesses and artists by having them collaborate on a self-guided tour. Working with local artist groups and the Downtown Huntsville BIA, the first Crawl was definitely successful in that it brought residents and visitors to stores they may not have previously be drawn to.

As well, it showed off the many Muskoka artists who are pushing the limits of their own creativity and skillsets.

"We have been thrilled with the response from our arts and business community," says Watson, the executive director of the Huntsville Festival of the Arts. "And it gets a little bigger and a little better each year with new artists and businesses joining the many who have been a part of the event since day one."

JF Kuehnen has participated in the Huntsville Art Crawl each year of its existence. While some fan favourites are on display, he loves bringing new pieces to the public during these types of events.

This year, Kuehnen is displaying ANOTHER CIRCUS III for the first time.

JF Kuehnen will be displaying ANOTHER CIRCUS III at Muskoka Jewellery Design during the Art Crawl. Screenshot of promo video by Beeline Creative for the Huntsville Art Crawl.

"This painting I had the honour of painting live beside the stage while the Rheostatics played," he says. "It is a in a different style them my usual one. As always, I'm searching for feeling more for a feeling then an image, yet this one clearly as an image as well as I attempt to combined two great Canadian artists: Thomson and Riopelle."

Experienced in collaborating with businesses to hang his works prior to the first Art Crawl, Kuehnen understands the value for both artist and business.


Find out what else Kuehnen thinks, plus comments from local businesses and photos at: