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From MuskokaUnlimited.com: Relish the Veggies
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From MuskokaUnlimited.com: Relish the Veggies

Posted: 2023-08-15 14:13:13 By: thebay

From MuskokaUnlimited.com: 

When my daughter looked at me and claimed, “this is the best spanakopita I’ve ever had,” I knew we found a great little spot for a quick bite to eat.

I rarely get down to Gravenhurst for more than work-related reasons, but on this day my son had a health appointment to attend, so we had some time to take a little stroll down Muskoka Road North and see where it took us.

Feeling a wee bit peckish and it being close to lunch time, we started to search for a spot that could tickle the tastebuds.

That’s when RELISH Kitchen & Market caught our eye and we decided to give it a try. Juliet at first was standoffish – 11-year-olds aren’t often into health food stores/cafes – but to her credit she gave it a shot.

Walking in, we’re greeted by a welcoming smile and cozy atmosphere with a lovely deli-style set-up with a decent sized menu as well as plenty of specialty and health food grocery options.

Juliet sees the large spanakopita’s behind the glass at the counter and asks for one of those, I decide we should try a veggie samosa plus veggie and spinach pankora (a delightful Indian fritter).

Find out about the wonderful muffin we had and more about the visit at: https://muskokaunlimited.com/2023/08/07/relish-the-veggies/