How to Deal With Raccoons in and Around Your Home

Posted: 2021-05-07 14:04:27 By: Daniel

During the Spring, Muskoka sees an influx of raccoons. While they may be unwelcome around your home, the best way to remove them is without causing harm.

Rather than trapping a raccoon, potentially orphaning its kits, the best thing to do is encouraging them to leave their den for somewhere else.

Orphaning kits not only causes harm to them, but also increases the load on wildlife sanctuaries which only have so much space to take in animals.

In this interview, Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary Director of Animal Welfare Jan Kingshott shares her tips on how best to remove raccoons.


What to Do?

First of all, it’s good to know that raccoons have more than one den in their territories and
have other places they can take their babies. You simply need to give them a chance. Mom
raccoons love dark, quiet spots to raise their kits. So, if you’d like them to wrap up their stay,
you’ll want to make their den the complete opposite to encourage mom and babies to move
elsewhere. It usually takes a combination of the following:
- a “talk” radio station on at all times (no music)
- a non-flammable light source
- the introduction of uncomfortable smells, such as apple cider vinegar, which you can
soak on rags and put in a plastic bag with holes
Ideally, if you are able to give the mom raccoon time, her babies will be climbing and
following her out of the den at around 8-10 weeks-of-age. Do not repair the entrance they
are using until you are sure that they are all outside. Doing so will result in considerable
damage from the mother trying to get in and/or a slow, inhumane death for her young.

For additional information, contact their animal care line at 705-644-4122 or visit where you’ll find tips, including how to handle anything from deer in
your garden, to a bear in your backyard, or beavers in the boathouse.


Images courtesy of Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.