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Huntsville Gives Go Ahead For New Bike Trail System

Huntsville Gives Go Ahead For New Bike Trail System

Posted: 2020-06-26 07:17:53 By: thebay

During Wednesday’s town council meeting in Huntsville a discussion was held regarding a 3 party agreement for a multi - use trail system in Hidden Valley.

The 3 party agreement would be between the Town of Huntsville, the Huntsville Mountain Bike Association and the Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area. However, a report from staff recommended that the Town not support the agreement, due to insurance concerns.

Councilor Alcock noted the benefits to the trail would be the mental and physical well-being of the community, and Tourism and Economic Development.

A motion was passed unanimously by council asking staff to start negotiating an agreement with the 3 parties, work out the details, and bring back to the Council by the July council meeting at the latest. 

The trails will be accessible for bikes, hikers, walkers and bird watchers. There will be 2 trails of 4 km’s each for beginners and intermediate use.