Major Shake Up For Ontario Works & ODSP

Posted: 2019-08-23 07:23:55 By: hbr

There’s a major shakeup headed for the way the District of Muskoka administers Ontario Works or OW; and the Ontario Disability Support Program, or ODSP.

In February the government announced its approach to transforming employment services, which will include incorporating OW and ODSP into a transformed Employment Ontario, or EO, to create one system. 

Commencing in the fall of this year, the new system will be transitioned within three regions in Ontario. Muskoka will be a part of one of these areas, falling under the banner of the Muskoka-Kawarthas prototype region. It’s projected by the province that the prototype regions will be operational and ready to take clients by April 2020.

The new system is expected to modernize the way Ontario delivers employment services. The future vision is to build a locally responsive employment services system that more effectively meets the needs of a range of job seekers and employers in Ontario. 

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities will steward a phased system transition that will reset current roles and responsibilities to enable a system built on accountability and outcomes.