Ontario Northland looking for Huntsville Business Partner to Deliver Bus and Parcel Service

Posted: 2020-10-19 07:38:06 By: jacob

Ontario Northland is looking for a new location and business partner in Huntsville to provide a bus service starting in November. This participating business partner, or agency, would collect a commission on ticket and parcel sales, in addition to benefiting from the increased traffic from passengers using the transit service.

Huntsville Mayor, Karin Terziano said that

“Transportation to and from Huntsville is a challenge for many without vehicles, and the Town feels that the Ontario Northland bus service needs to remain in Huntsville to continue providing this essential transportation and delivery service,”

Tracy MacPhee, Senior Director of Passenger Operations said that

“Huntsville is a busy location with eight stops per day, with over 600 packages coming in and out each year, and on average over 10,000 annual passenger trips. With the right partner, we can work together to deliver a great passenger and customer experience that will benefit the community.”

The Town urges any business interested in partnering with Ontario Northland to reach out to the Economic Development Office at the Town of Huntsville

Or contact Marc Dubeau, Ontario Northland’s Operation Support Specialist, at or speak to the Economic Development Office at the Town of Huntsville.