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Smith threatens to pull support of hospital redevelopment
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Smith threatens to pull support of hospital redevelopment

Posted: 2024-07-02 14:23:04 By: thebay

MPP Graydon Smith is threatening to withdraw support for MAHC’s hospital redevelopment proposal unless the MAHC’s board of directors removes an agenda item calling for formal planning to start, from today’s board of directors meeting.  Starting the formal process, would result in a submission to the province with the plan as is.

Smith highlighted the fact that the province has funded in excess of “what would be reasonably expected for communities of our size” for redevelopment of the hospitals.  He also highlighted disagreement by physicians in Bracebridge and Gravenhurst and members of pubic over the current plan.

Smith says that despite a willingness by the MAHC to modify the original plan, and being open to collaborate with stakeholders in both catchment areas, including the agenda item constitutes a lack of trust in the MAHC.

MPP Smith urged the board to withdraw the motion as presented and requested a meeting to discuss how this exceptional opportunity to redevelop both hospitals in Muskoka can proceed with the support of all communities.