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Tribunal hearing scheduled for Earls Road Subdivision plan

Tribunal hearing scheduled for Earls Road Subdivision plan

Posted: 2022-07-28 07:22:37 By: thebay

A Tribunal hearing has been scheduled for the Earl’s Road Development appeal.

An application was submitted for a Draft Plan to be approved for a 935-unit Subdivision on 174 Earls Road in Huntsville, however, the Applicant filed an appeal due to apparent failures of the Town and District to come up with a decision about the application.

The Ontario Land Tribunal hearing is scheduled for August 8, 2022.

The Settlement Concept plan reviewed by the Town was concluded as having addressed issues by staff, and reflected good planning and consistency with policies, based on the resolution that was carried in the Town special meeting on July 29, 2022.

The subdivision Draft Plan allows for provisions such as 5 storey apartment dwellings, townhouses, a conservation area, allowing for uses such as parkland, trails, and recreation.

Staff will work with the Applicant for final approvals of the Draft Plan by the Town and at the Tribunal hearing. 

The Town and District aim to resolve the appeal, including conditional approval of the subdivision plan and amendment for the zoning by-law, with further disputes brought to the Tribunal for resolution at the hearing.